Hi, I am Gautam.

Learning Engineer

- 1 -

Algebra Equation Solving Tutor

I used CTA to design 3 high-fidelity prototypes of intelligent tutors that will help in conceptual and procedural algebra learning.

Then based on learner testing with middle school students, I developed an Intelligent Tutoring System in JavaScript which asks students for diagrammatic self-explanation of future steps by selecting a tape diagram before each step.

Intelligent Tutoring Systems Cognitive Task Analysis UI/UX Design Full Stack Development Cognitive Tutor Authoring Tools Instructional Design

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- 2 -

Cognitive Tutor Authoring Tools Web App

I redesigned the existing CTAT interface using findings from usability testing of low fidelity wireframes. The tutors developed by this tool is used by 0.5 million students per year.

I am developing API for behavior graph based on the redesign which captures main solution paths and erroneous steps, enables author to move around in solution space, and support editing state of example-tracing engine in JavaScript

Intelligent Tutoring Systems UI/UX Design Web Application Full Stack Development

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- 3 -

Scratch Curriculum

I designed 10 hours of backward designed assessments & instructional activities aligning with educational goals and learning objectives.

Align Goals, Instructions, and Assessment Instructional Design Curriculum Evaluation

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Getting Started with Unit Test Cases

I also designed an online intervention for students scoring low in debugging quiz in the above Scratch Curriculum to study, which increased the overall score by 24% for all students and 47% for novices from pre test to post test based on 20 student learner testing.

Align Goals, Instructions, and Assessment Cognitive Task Analysis A/B Testing Instructional Design

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- 4 -

An interactive AVL-Tree Intelligent Tutoring System

I designed an online tutor for teaching insertion in AVL trees built-in JavaScript, and Cognitive Tutor Authoring Tools as a passion project.

It was accepted for publication in ACM COMPUTE 2019 as the first author.

Intelligent Tutoring Systems UI/UX Design Web Application Full Stack Development Cognitive Tutor Authoring Tools

- 5 -


Leading a team of 5 people, we created an online Intelligent Tutoring System in Django to identify students’ level of understanding and built a 3 layered Neural Network in Python to adjust content to students’ knowledge level

We utilized user-user collaborative filtering to recommend courses and collaborative filtering using Restricted Boltzmann Machines to recommend career paths for students with Python

Intelligent Tutoring Systems Team Lead Web Application Back-end Development Machine Learning

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- 6 -

Other Works and Experience

A showcase of some other products I worked on and shipped (pre-CMU) in my old portfolio.

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